Find A Quick Way To Master Reset Of Android Phone

Using gadgets with internet world make it easy now. When Google's android enters into the mobile platform. The user interface of mobile devices makes simple and cheap. Even every second connects with social networking, gaming, news, whether and many more. Some time when in hard situations mobile using at stuck basis on the how we used and connect with primary things, its basic issue of every android user who are not enough memory for installing apps or use for particular purposes of basic need of mobile using. Now come to task these are the common issues for android interface device on that situation many alternative option in hand, but reset factory settings to android state is most useful tip for maintaining favorite mobile.

Why android phone needs hard reset?

But the reset of android phone is three types.
Because when the phone is hanging or not work well like suddenly slow and having full of memory and more.

  • Manually reset (factory reset)
  • Hard reset (forgot the pattern or pin lock of phone
  • Firmware reset (Phone was not working, need flashing firmware)

Now we will discuss 1 and 2 types, remaining later discuss because its basis on the time and money. Manually reset of android phone is factory reset. Make it easy task, who knows the settings of a basic android phone with user friendly.

Go through the steps.

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Find the backup and reset option.
  3. Choose the factory data reset.
master reset of android phone

Hard Reset (forgot the pattern or pin lock of phone/tab)

a) Press and hold the correct keys to boot the device into recovery mode. Follow some combinations of keys by pressing.
master reset of android phone

    1. Volume Up + Power
    2. Volume Up + Volume Down + Power
    3. Volume Up + Home + Power
    4. Home + Power
    5. Volume Up + Camera (if camera button is available)
    6. Volume Down + Power
    Basis on the particular model chipset of tabs or phones, try the combinations of all types when the screen will appears like this, we can notice simply android system recovery menu appear at the top of screen, select wipe data/factory reset with the volume keys and press power button to done. Select yes and erase all user data with using volume buttons and press power. Device will be reset to its factory state and all data will be erased. If device is stuck at any point, hold down the power button until it restart.

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