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eye protection app for PC

Now days all over world depends upon computers and smart phones. Everyday man life starts with smarts phones and computers. Man deals with world for managing standards in various circumstances. In the process of work we having lot of strees and troubles being many hours working with computers. The causes of working with computers are some eye contacts issues. In the time of manner many precautions are used and hours of working, conversations, surfing and deals with technology. How much they used computers and mobiles its effected eye. So take small precautions we can escape from these effects. Using safeguards for eyes with using computers in the web world various applications are developed and available. Today easythings brings to some alternatives to take eye protection software for computers. Know Just refer some popular apps for computer working environment of windows and Mac.


It is one of the most popular application for safeguard  of eyes with working computers. F.lux is gives much simple interface and lite software, give the enough background feature and supports all platforms. When working in day or night its automatically changing color and brightness of computer screen with synchronizing in internet using pin code of particular location. It gives the alternative setting which we want to reduce or increasing better screen lightness and also shows the locations transition speed. 

App is gives protect eye by reducing lighting on working environment with various features. Its change automatically day and night modes depends upon time zone of devices. F.lux is available in Windows, Mac, Android and iOS platforms. When using mobile interface quite simple and easy to any new user for run this F.lux app in your favorite mobile screens. But some cons are there its works only in rooted Android devices and higher updated operating systems in Apple devices.

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Connectivity of eye with using computers deals various issues in the manner Redshift is another applications for protection eye by reducing lighting depend upon surrounding. It is some effect user interface and lite background tasks, the alternative program of f.lux. Different temperature is set on day and night times. Temperature transitions smoothly from night to day time to allow eyes to slowly adapt. This program works on Linux platform.

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