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Mobile phone is daily need to every body in those days. Its a worth to everyone even your are younger or elder is not a question. Using mobile phone for different purposes, capturing pictures for sharing memories, listen music for relaxation, watching videos for fun and entertaining, scheduled remainders, social networking and many more. but when we lost the these gadget, we can feel like missing something in your day.

The memories contains of data in your mobile is very specious so we didn't delete or format any time. because we want to see or watch that memories, but in difficult some situations, we need to delete or format substance of enough memory, phone hanging or stuck of contains more pics, videos or any other stuff, then we decided formatting or any other root, before that task we have to backup our contents other wise we lose, then normally backup with using computer other wise we stop to these task processing. 

Why not backup using applications in your mobile?

Yes. the easythings brings to introduced simple trick to backup android phone in your finger tips.

When i'm deleting files in my mobile. thinking only about even can i restored again all these stuff and now these issue not only me, various mobile uses thought about these issue.

The trick is gives to fulfilled your issue to out the borders.

Just follow the steps:


Internet in your mobile and working mobile device with Google Playstore access.

Step 1 : Go to Google Playstore and type 'Recovery my file' in the search button or Easy Backup.
Step 2 : Install Easy Backup application in your mobile.

Step 3 : Open the backup android application in your mobile.

Step 4 : Choose Backup in the options menu.

Step 5 : select what you want to back content.  

Step 6 : choose the backup option 'whether if you want backup in google drive or SD card' or many options are available.

Step 7 : check the data where the located in your device (when the data backup option is SD card).
Step 8 : Enjoy the backup your mobile and restore where you want.

Note: These process is working with Android platform, if you want to do with other platform of operating systems will be different.

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