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image colour of appearance is brings new look to preference. Some times it is totally depends upon the value of the mood, especially when go to back of our memories. Social networking, photography, blogging and more its represents the way to use of certain photographs, whether when we pass through out the view of images, its became the way of state and colour, then image of colour will intermediate of view and feel.

why we change or converting colour of images?

The images uses for particular content to represents the value of subject, for example post a picture of your long back years ago, defiantly it will give to 'grayscale' and some who wants the change to the state of mood, the picture indicates the way of view in through eyes.

why so photographs only in grayscale or black and white colour?

The pictures or images are in black and white or grayscale means its indicates the certain subject of the matter, what he/she wants to highlights. When the international or national photo exhibitions or art exhibitions, many pictures we identifies the only in black and white colouring, because the artist gives a message for whats the content represents.

why now pictures converting grayscale or black and white colour individuals?

Its not a important things, but its also important to who wants to brings special look to their pictures.

lets go to task.

before to do some requirements!
  1. Microsoft windows platform running computer.
  2. Adobe Photoshop software must be installed in your computer.


Step 1 : open the Adobe Photoshop software in your computer.

Step 2 : go to the File menu and select open, choose where the picture you want to change colour to black and white image.

Step 3: after go to the Image menu and select Grayscale mode and apply.

Step 4: wait for the load and see the magic convert the colour of particular picture.

Step 5: go to File menu and choose Save or Save As what you want it.

alternative: just simply open the image in Adobe Photoshop and press "Ctrl + shift + U" (only works on windows operating system platform)
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