Smart Watch: The Secret Of Why Smartwatch

What can you do with a smartwatch?

In the early 90's wearing the watch to wrist is intimate of dignified, but nowadays watch means a personal assistant to the human for performing multiple tasks. Generally, the watch is used for the showing time, but its a sign of royalty of wrist and brand.  Its depends upon the which brand is to used and watch material it contains, but coming to smart watch is quit different from compared to general wrist watch with smart watch because it's having some interesting and important daily need factors like mobile phone tasking features, heart rate monitoring, steps counting, AI assistant, Maps, directions of ways and more features are interning coming decades.   

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Some History Keys

  1. In the year of 1982 Pulsar is the name of the brand by manufacturing of Hamilton Watch Company and after many year Pulsars changed to Seiko, the watch was store 24 digits codes, it can able to connect printers.
  2. After coming decades many features will be added one by one to watch, then the journey from digital watch to the smartwatch. In 1999 Samsung introduced SPH WP10 mix idea on watch and phone smart watch with having 90 minutes talk time nearly.
  3. The Millennium 2000 IBM introduced with the hands of CITIZEN company, running Linux 2.4 operating system smart watch named 'WatchPad' with 8MB RAM, Bluetooth facility.
  4. Coming days involved feature of vibration for business and students.
  5. Again Samsung trying to taste of youth plus in 2009 with the new look of smartwatch S9110, now this time Samsung success and follow major brands in this track.
  6. Now turning to Sony 2012 smartwatch and finally the 2010 Apple changes the trends of smartwatch track with his own features.
  7. 2014 is the smartwatch year because of many brands introduced his products to occupied the market of watch-like Google's introduced his decade's operating system Android 4.3 improves to Android Wear operating system especially for smartwatches, Moto 360 smartwatch with new round dial looks and more companies try their lucks.

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Android Wear

In the year 2014 Google's introduced own operating system for smart watches that is called Android Wear. It's runs on the Wear OS in the smart watch, many brands are using this operating system to their devices and introducing market. The popular watches with Wear OS are Samsung Gear Live, LG G watch, Motorola Moto 360, Asus ZenWatch, Sony smart watch and etc. In the decade of 2014 and 2015 years smart watch will most popular device of new innovations.

Features of Android Wear

  1. Tap to wake up the screen.
  2. Transportation mode like bike mode, run and ride mode.
  3. Using maps and directions with your voice commands (Ok Google, Run).
  4. The Wear OS can operate your mobile when you synchronized you mobile to watch and completing your tasks like play music, stop music and etc.
  5. Supporting Sport activities options like hear rate, steps count and more. But need to particular sensors in the watch. 
  6. SMS alerts notifications and simply draw reply through watch with finger tips. 

Built-in GPS

After smart watch introduced, many features are implementing in the devices. One of the popular key is built-in GPS, after the GPS involved the watch, the tasking of action will totally changed like simply using maps for driving, choosing directions and more. But its all basses when the synchronized you mobile to watch. 

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When will we see the watch?

We can use for many things but the first can we view time of the day, funny. Basically, the smart watch is used for assistance of mobile phone without holding hands to perform some tasks. But its simple and fast contains some useful features and more than a mobile phone features. We can see the time its a common thing of the watch but also playing some music with our voice commands for relaxing, answering calls and view messages or hear. 

What separates a smart watch from a dumb watch?

The things of the regular watch and smart watch is more different for example smart watch can calculating our daily things like steps counting, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure rate, GPS navigating and performing tasks with our voice commands. But in the battery life is not much more comparing with the general watch and smart watch. We need to charge every day or week its depends upon the battery life and capacity of the smart watch. But the general watch is not like that because its having a battery is only perform some common tasks like showing time and date and alarm, may extra features some watches, but its give good battery life comparing to a smart watch.

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Finally, if you use the smart watch in the daily drive for using mobile task is more efficient, but you need the charge every time like a mobile. But a general watch is not like that its given premium look to your hand. Even in these days many brands priced manufactured and selling more price of general watches, because of its place for royalty and having the brand name in the market.

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