Android Emulator Online | Best Way To Run Android Apps On PC Without Emulator

Run Android Apps

Google’s Android is a major mobile operating system now these days. Every day, adding new users to the mobile market, in the mobile platform, Google’s Android plays a significant role, because of cheaper, user-friendly and simple availability in the market. Android platform has above 2 million apps in Google Play Store from the statics in December 2016. Android applications are most of the free in the Google Play Store and user-friendly then every user can manage these applications simply.

Why Google’s Android is most popular of mobile platforming?

Ans: Because creating or developing Google’s Android applications are simple with a coding basis in the Java and Python languages and many sites give free Android Studio and Software Development Kits in their sites for encouraging new developers for simple and developing.

Why do we need to run Android applications on the web?

Ans: When we not have a virtual system for testing applications and not working SDK for testing, just use virtually for running applications.
When the run or test android apps on the computer. Basically required ASDK or Emulator like Bluestacks, You Wave or any other android emulators, graphics card need. The process of testing or run Android apps depends on cost and time. Many developers or users run emulators for testing their own epics. But some of the websites give access to run Android apps online.
Web-based emulators are simple, easy and fun to use. Some websites need to registration and buy to account.

What about low-end PCs and cost of use?

Ans: No need to install emulators and no need to buy graphics cards

It’s possible to run applications without installation?

Ans: Yes

How to install run android applications on Web

Ans: Follow the instructions for run android


1. Internet connection
2. PC
3. Required Apks setup

Just follow the steps:

  1. Open the browser and Type: “”
  2. Upload the apks and wait for it load
  3. Email generates
  4. Check the email link on your mail
  5. Open and tap to play
  6. Enjoy

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