Huawei SIM Unlock Code Generator Without Any Software

modem sim unlock code

Simple to crack Huawei Network SIM Unlock Code

The Internet is a daily need for every user nowadays.

Using data cards are very helpful for when we access internet in travelling and various places from not available wired internet.

Surfing the internet depends upon the device.

Mobiles, LAN, Wifi and Modems give acceleration to surfing.

But travelling one country to another country the networks are not denied because of networking authorization purpose.

When in this time every one trying to have internet for connectivity to the world with social networking, information and business.

Sometimes it’s difficult to touch hand because of some circumstance like proving mobility.

But time to difficult changing area users needs to unlock code for sim or modem activating.

In the web world, many tricks are available for cracking modems network codes and Easy things give just a topic on how we can crack of network lock.

Most Popular Tricks

How To Hack Wi-Fi Internet Connection Through Mobile

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Now we discussing the modem unlocking.

Huawei Unlock Code Free

Cracking modems with IMEI basis is the issue of the unauthorized segment.

It tricks only educational purpose, Easy things are not barred from any issues of about topic.

Its totally depend upon the modem and the user agrees.

All Modem Unlocker Software Free Download

Easy and simple just follow the steps:

Step 1: Connect the modem to the computer.

Step 2: Open browser (Internet Explorer or Any Browser).

Step 3: In address bar just type the gateway of your modem.

Step 4: Gateway like:,, or any of what address of modem configuration.

Step 5: One of the address seen like or other way but my modem like this. But sometimes it’s asking sim code. So, when we get that troubling.

modem sim unlock codeStep 6: Click Here For Generate Code

Step 7:  Copy the IMEI number of your modem into IMEI box and press Calc box.

Step 8: Then copy the v201 code and apply to your modem sim code,


Note: This method is most successful for Huawei, VIVA and other unknown brands. Try if you luck.
This trick is only for educational purpose and Easy things are not barred from any issues of authorized contents and cases.

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    We in rural areas have not much access to these things. But iam very thankful for your help.

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