Fix POS Printer Driver Issue On Windows

How To Install POS Printer Driver On Windows POS Printer (Point of Scale) or direct thermal printer we can simply identify these printers at when going to a shopping mall or any supermarkets we can see the machine prints our bill receipt. These type of POS printer are rarely used because they working in a

Taste The Flavor of Mac On Windows 7

Things do need to know Mac On Windows Mac on windows changing the appearance of computer give new looks and new feels for working environment and fun. Sometimes we bored using the old theme of PC, then users changing GUI for the simple and effective interface in system appearance. A lot of stuff is available in

How To Create A Folder Without Name

folder without name

The things behind the create a folder without name A folder is used for stored software’s, videos, pictures or file contents in one place, the folder is different from various operating systems its basis on the GUI (graphical user interface). Sometimes we have to keep our files in some hidden place because of privacy, in

Trick to Image Convert to black and white

image convert

Things behind image convert to black and white Image colour of appearance is brought a new look to preference. Sometimes it totally depends upon the value of the mood, especially when going to the back of our memories. Social networking, photography, blogging and more it represents the way to use certain photographs. Whether when we

How Do Fingerprint Technology Scanners Work on Phones

Fingerprint Technology Working Principle The fingerprint technology scanner is placing new way in privacy and security for gadgets. Now it’s time to equip every mobile these technologies. But having a little confusion of the common user. How far it works, interface and technology evaluated. In every mobile brand in a tech world introduced those technologies

ES File Explorer APK Pro For Android

file explorer app

Why do we use ES File Explorer APK Pro on Android phones ES File Explorer APK Pro is a program to provide an interface to manage files or folders in our device or gadget. ES File Explorer APK Pro is creating folders, view the files and file system of the entire system. Coming to a