Redsail Cutting Plotter Software Free Download for Flexi Sign

Redsail Cutting Plotter USB Driver Free Download

Hey, are you searching for Redsail cutter plotter USB driver, don’t worry you can find here. This post provide information about Redsail cutting plotter software, Redsail cutting plotter driver for Flexisign and cutting plotter settings.

Before going to download here, you have to remember this only compatible with Windows operating system. This file only works in Flexi Sign software.

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  • Introduction
  • Requirements
  • Redsail cutting plotter USB driver free download
  • How to install Redsail cutting plotter USB driver
  • Check Redsail printer works in Flexi Sign Software
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Redsail is one of the vinyl stickers cutting plotter brands in the market. It is a Chinese based manufacturing company, majorly produced Laser Systems, Cutting Plotters and CNC machines.

Redsail Vinyl Sticker Cutter machines famous in the Asian market, because it is cheaper, well-known brand and easy to use.

The technology of sticker printing is using Vinyl cutter blades. It depends upon the vector supported software like CorelDRAW, FlexiSign and more.

Because the printing of stickers is processing with vector graphics imaging technology.

Vector and Raster graphics are quite different.

If you want to print an image in the paper is processing with Raster graphics imaging technology.

But if you want to cut an image like stickering or 3D printing and more, which are deals with dimensions and edges. These image printing technologies work with Vector graphics.

The Vector graphics are needs to process edges and dimensions.

Certains times facing an issue with Redsail cutting plotter software driver for Flexisign.

Because of not installed Redsail driver or corrupted driver, On that situation have to install the proper driver for without fail.

Flexi Vinyl Cutting Software Free Download for Redsail USB Driver
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  • Good internet connection for downloading drivers.
  • Microsoft’s Windows Operating System PC.

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Redsail cutting plotter USB driver free download:

Here you can download plotter USB driver and Flexi Sign supported driver for Redsail cutting plotter.

Don’t confuse usb driver and supported driver both are not same, if you connect plotter with PC need driver and desing software printing need software driver.

Download Here

Redsail Cutting Plotter USB Driver 

Redsail Cutting Plotter Software Driver for Flexisign


Redsail Cutting Plotter Software Free Download for Redsail USB Driver
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How to Install Redsail Cutting Plotter Driver For Flexisign

1. Download the REDSAIL.CSM. (Redsail Cutting Plotter Driver For Flexisign).

2. Copy REDSAIL.CSM file to the destination.

C:\Program Files (x86)\FlexiSIGN-PRO 8.1v1\OutputDrivers [32-Bit Computer].

C:\Program Files\FlexiSIGN-PRO 8.1v1\OutputDrivers [64-Bit Computer].

3. Open the Flexi Sign software and open any sticker file or sample file.

4. Click the Cut/Plot option or Press Ctrl + L (shortcut key).

redsail cutting plotter software USB Driver

5. Select the production manager option (On This Computer) *if you want to install the current driver in computer*.

Redsail cutting plotter software USB Driver

6. In Add, a Setup dialogue box appears. Select the Vinyl Cutter.

Redsail cutting plotter software USB Driver

7. Find the REDSAIL TECH in the manufactures section and select the model REDSAIL. Press the next button.

Redsail cutting plotter software USB Driver

8. Give the setup name (as you wish) or leave as it is.

Redsail cutting plotter software USB Driver

9. Choose the port for REDSAIL printer was connected to a particular computer and press the finish.

Redsail cutting plotter software USB Driver

Congrats your Successfully install a Red Sail printer driver in Flexi Sign software.

How to check the Red Sail printer works in Flexi Sign Software.

1. After completing Add Setup of the printer in Flexi Sign. Print the sample sticker through chosen Send option in Flexi Sign.

2. Automatically open Production Manager software and check the plotter placement in particular sticker with using show me button.

Redsail cutting plotter software USB Driver

3. Press the Send button. Now sticker will be cutting in Production Manager software.

4. Simple you can see the processing of Cutting Vinyl.

If you successfully working with the above tips.

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Finally, you can Redsail cutting plotter USB driver download and how to install Redsail cutting plotter USB driver in Flexi Sign. Some of my opinions in my view, these are not to force anybody.

If you want to use cutting plotters in sticker business or passion for design stickers need to be a focus and check before to purchase plotter or CNC. Many brands are available in the market but some are well-known brands, again remember “Well-know Brands”. Because these popular brands are good to use for the availability of spare parts, service centres and finally no need to worry for drivers, Softwares and compatibilities.

Professionalism is depended upon the trends, if you are following trends in designing stickers with using latest software and machines, you are in and also earn a decent income.

Be in Trends and Enjoy Earning. All The Best.

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