12 Best Photo Editor App for Android

best photo editor app in android

Photo Editor App Download For Mobile

The smartphone is turning into a necessary issue to daily drive these days when implementing cameras to smartphones.

Especially the eyes of the smartphone cameras include several options like AI options, skilled camera interfaces, pel blazing, colour replica, twilight vision mode.

Additional AI capturing beautiful moments, placed lovely memory saved in your life.

Capturing images using mobile and sharing in social networking sites is more fun in the present days.

Capturing pictures is not only fun and also moves to profession occurring elements.

In the way, editing captured lovable images, some applications are good to editing for awesome pics in Android platform

Offers various tools and effects for better output of inner creative and artistic skills without special knowledge.

Just simply install, use, apply and share.

Let’s check out best photo editor app in the Android platform.

Best Photo Editor App In Android

These applications are personally used and play the fun with editing pictures.
I didn’t force to use just but these some of the optional to complete tasks.
Applications which are personal well according to particular departments may run all Android devices.
Let’s check out the which one you pick up for your choice.

Snapseed: 4.5 Rating and 50 million downloads

Photo Editor App for Android

This application is designed and developed by Google.

It’s a clean and free user-friendly interface.

It is having various tools and filters for interacting your creative artistic capabilities, majorly brushing and structure tools.

This application is one of best free photo editor in Android applications, supports JPG and RAW files simply can edit and apply effects.

No need to purchase Snapseed free to use in the Play Store.

Download: Play Store and Google Drive

Adobe Photoshop Express: Photo Editor College Maker: 4.2 Rating and 100 million downloads

Photo Editor App for Android

One of the best application from Adobe, we know Adobe Photoshop is how much popular in the creative world.

Adobe Photoshop Express is simple, quick and powerful editing on mobile devices.

It supports one-touch adjustment for contrast, exposure and white balance.

Special features like corrections, shadows, blacks and whites colour changing, temperature setting, noise reduction, using these features with an Adobe ID.

Download: Play Store and Google Drive

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC: 4.3 Rating and 10 million downloads

Photo Editor App for Android
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom one of the popular software in desktop platform, now its available in Android.
This application helps to mobile for editing photos in your device.
Simply said capturing, editing and sharing.
We can edit photos with powerful tools, easily organize photos and store photos.

Download: Play Store and Google Drive

Pixlr – Free Photo Editor: 4.4 Rating and 50 million downloads

Photo Editor App for Android
Pixlr is the photo editor app free to use.
Especially for who lovers to edit the picture with a variety of tools and effects.
The applications include needed features for editing photos like colour balancing, filters, text effects, double exposure and more features to help creative acts.

Download: Play Store and Google Drive

PhotoFunia: 4.3 Rating and 10 million downloads

Photo Editor App for Android

PhotoFunia is a popular application of fun effects to images for suitable moods.

The application is having various ready-made photo frames for picture effects and photo face fun effects.

It can support different types of selfie covers and various tools to pictures for funny effects.

May like to use who wants to fun with editing photos.

Contains some ads when you need to share and save the picture but its photo effects free.

Download: Play Store and Google Drive

Adobe Photoshop Fix: 4.2 Rating and 5 million downloads

Photo Editor App for Android
The applications with tools which give professional effects in the desktop platform are nothing there called Photoshop.
Adobe Photoshop which is available on the mobile platform.
With effective features like image reshaping, powerful healing tools, adjustable show effects, painting with the brush tool and more.
Required internet connection with Adobe ID in Photoshop Fix can enjoy more tools.

Download: Play Store and Google Drive

Prisma Photo Editor: 4.2 Rating and 50 million downloads

Photo Editor App for Android
Prisma Photo Editor is the best tool for who wants to design photo with artistic skills.
The application which helps to create photos like artistic effects
Which include various styles of artist effects with can create easily transform photos with artistic styles.
Prisma Photo Editor application is used more than 100 million users.
May can try one time to taste the artistic style effects to your lovable pictures.

Download: Play Store and Google Drive

PicsArt Photo Studio – Collage Maker & Pic Editor: 4.5 Rating and 100 million downloads

Photo Editor App for Android

Picart application is well known free image editing software for the Android platform.

It offers various effects like colour correction, photo frames, stickers, text to photos and more effects free to use.

However, you need an internet connection to use some effects like FX effects, stickers and frames changing.

Required register and in-app purchases to use premium features, many features are free to use not need pay.

Download: Play Store and Google Drive

Mirror Lab: 4.6 Rating and 1 million downloads

Photo Editor App for Android

Mirror Lab is one of the easy and powerful editing application for photos with creatively enhances.

The application is featured various powerful effects like symmetries, stretching, distortions, fractal, 3D effects and many more offers for editing your photos turned into effective looks.

Download: Play Store and Google Drive

DeepSketch: 4.5 Rating and 100K downloads

Photo Editor App for Android

DeepSketch which is creating your photos into like a sketch.

The applications using mobile-optimized artificial intelligence technology to help them better effect of editing photos like a sketch.

The application includes different types of sketch filters like a pencil sketch, crayon, pastel, Venice and more effects are it can include.

Download: Play Store and Google Drive

VIMAGE – Cinemagraph Animator & Live Photo Editor: 4.7 Rating and 1 million downloads


The applications which give cinemagraph moving effects to photos like still images turn into live photos.

VIMAGE is currently offered 70 built-in effects to gives betters output of images into live photos.

It is pretty simple to use and directly post into your Instagram account.

Especially some animated effects apply to pictures mostly fun.

Preferably use at least one, nice and funny effects to live photos.

Download: Play Store and Google Drive

LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects: 4.6 Rating and 10 million downloads

Photo Editor App for Android
LightX is one of best image editor which offer a variety of ready-made photo frames, stickers, text and more effects to apply photos.
The application includes tools like colour mixing, curves, levels and more, can adjust brightness and contrast.
Simply use and share to your friends with LightX photo editor tool.
Required registration for use.
But its pretty much artistic filter is available to a quick set of the paintbrush and more tools to use.

Download: Play Store and Google Drive

Finally, using these best photo editor app for Android.
May need some memory of RAM because of running some graphics elements for a better interface.
Major applications need an internet connection for registering an account to use application and some need in-app purchases for utilizing premium tools.

Easy things not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, please do some research if you have any concerns about features.

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Trick to Image Convert to black and white

image convert

Things behind image convert to black and white

Image colour of appearance is brought a new look to preference.

Sometimes it totally depends upon the value of the mood, especially when going to the back of our memories.

Social networking, photography, blogging and more it represents the way to use certain photographs.

Whether when we pass throughout the view of images.

It became the way of state and colour, then an image of colour will intermediate of view and feel.

Why we change or converting the colour of the images?

The images used for particular content to represent the value of the subject, for example, post a picture of your long back years ago.

Defiantly it will give to ‘grayscale’ and some who wants the change to the state of mood, the picture indicates the way of view in through eyes.

Why so photographs only in grayscale or black and white colour?

The pictures or images are in black and white or grayscale means it indicates the certain subject of the matter, what he/she wants to highlights.

When the international or national photo exhibitions or art exhibitions, many pictures we identify the only in black and white colouring.

Because the artist gives a message for what the content represents.

Why now are pictures converting grayscale or black and white colour individuals?

It’s not an important thing, but its also important to who wants to brings a special look to their pictures.

Let’s go to task.

Before to do some requirements!

  1. Microsoft Windows platform running computer.
  2. Adobe Photoshop software must be installed on your computer.


Step 1: open the Adobe Photoshop software on your computer.

Step 2: go to the File menu and select open, choose where the picture you want to change colour to black and white image.

image convert

Step 3: after go to the Image menu and select Grayscale mode and apply.

image convert
image convert

Step 4: wait for the load and see the magic convert the colour of a particular picture.

image convert

Step 5: go to File menu and choose Save or Save As what you want it.

image convert

alternative: just simply open the image in Adobe Photoshop and press “Ctrl + Shift + U” (only works on windows operating system platform).