Important Keyboard Shortcuts Keys Of Computer A to Z List

keyboard shortcuts keys

Keyboard Shortcuts Keys Help Full To Every Computer User

These keyboard shortcuts keys are useful for workspace in the daily drive of PC user.

The keyboard shortcuts keys are mixing with some Alt Codes, Keyboard Shortcut Keys, Windows Shortcuts.

Just need to know the difference with the mouse or without the mouse handling in your workspace.

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A to Z list of Keyboard Shortcuts Keys

Ctrl + A: Select All The Content or Data.

Ctrl + B: Bold Text In The Document Editor.

Ctrl + C: Used for Copies The Item or Text.

Ctrl + D: To Displays The Font Dialogue Box.

Ctrl + E: Used to Centralized The Paragraph Text In Document Writing. (Go to Address Bar in Chrome Browser).

Ctrl + F: Used To Find To Search The Current Document or Some Program.

Ctrl + G: Used for Go To Search For A Specific Location In The Current Document or Program.

Ctrl + H: Displays The Replace Dialogue Box. (Go to History in Chrome Browser).

Ctrl + I: To Used fo Italicize Text Document Editor.

Ctrl + J: Used to Justified The Paragraph Text In Document Writing. (Go to Downloads in Chrome Browser).

Ctrl + K: Create A Hyperlink. It is Also used for (Go to Address Bar in Chrome Browser).

Some Useful Tips To Help Better Tasking

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Ctrl + L: Used to Left Alignment The Paragraph Text In Document Writing.

Ctrl + M: Indent A Paragraph From The Left.

Ctrl + N: Create a new document or new tab in the program

Ctrl + O: Open a file in the current program

Ctrl + P: Used to print the document.

Ctrl + Q: Used for Remove Paragraph Formatting in Microsoft Word Program.

Ctrl + R: Used to Right Alignment The Paragraph Text In Document Writing.

Ctrl + S: It Is Used To Saves The Document or Program.

Ctrl + T: Open New Tab in Google Chrome Browser (Quick Access)

Ctrl + U: It is Used to Underlines Text In Document Editor.

Ctrl + V: It is Used to Pastes The Copied Item Or Text.

Ctrl + W: Close the Current Tab in Google Chrome Browser (Quick Access)

Ctrl + X: It is used to Cuts The Selected Item Or Text.

Ctrl + Y: Used for Redo The Last Action.

Ctrl + Z: Used for Undo The Last Action.

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Alt + Tab: Used for Switching the Current Working Programs in Computer.

Ctrl + Tab: Used for Switching the Tabs in Google Chrome Browser. (Quick Access).

Win Button + D: Used for Minimized All Current Working Programs in Computer.

Alt + Space Bar + N: Used to Minimize the Current Program in Computer.

Alt + Space Bar + X: Used to Close the Current Program in Computer.

Alt + Space Bar + R: Used to Restore the Past Position in Google Chrome Browser.

Alt + Space Bar + E: Used for Reopen Closed Tab in Google Chrome Browser. (Quick Access).

F1: Get help in any current open program.

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Shortcut Keys For Shutdown:

Sometimes we really worried to shut down the computer, because it’s not responding or not working mouse properly on that time used shortcut keys for shutdown computer.

Alt + F4: Used for closing the current working program and also useful to shutdown option when you’re in the desktop.

These above keyboard shortcuts keys are used for better task performing.

Redsail Cutting Plotter Software Free Download for Flexi Sign

Redsail Vinyl Stickers Cutting Plotter USB Driver for Flexisign 1 copy

Redsail Cutting Plotter Software Free Download

Redsail is one of the vinyl stickers cutting plotter brands in the market. Majorly cutting stickers through redsail cutting plotter software, it is cheaper and well-known brand.

The technology of sticker printing is using Vinyl cutter blades. It depends upon the vector supported software like CorelDRAW, FlexiSign and more.

Because the printing of stickers is processing with vector graphics imaging technology.

Vector and Raster graphics are quite different.

If you want to print an image in the paper is processing with Raster graphics imaging technology.

But if you want to cut an image like stickering or 3D printing and more, which are deals with dimensions and edges. These image printing technologies work with Vector graphics.

The Vector graphics are needs to process edges and dimensions.

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Certains times facing an issue with redsail cutting plotter software driver for Flexisign.

Because of not installed Redsail driver or corrupted driver, On that situation have to install the proper driver for without fail.

Flexi Vinyl Cutting Software Free Download for Redsail USB Driver
Image source from

Requirements for Redsail Cutting Plotter Software free download:

  • Good internet connection for downloading drivers.
  • Microsoft’s Windows Operating System PC.

Redsail Cutting Plotter Software Free download Below Here

Redsail Plotter USB Driver

Redsail Cutting Plotter Software Driver for Flexisign


Redsail Cutting Plotter Software Free Download for Redsail USB Driver
Image source
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How to Install Redsail Cutting Plotter Driver For Flexisign

1. Download the REDSAIL.CSM. (Redsail Cutting Plotter Driver For Flexisign).

2. Copy REDSAIL.CSM file to the destination.

C:\Program Files (x86)\FlexiSIGN-PRO 8.1v1\OutputDrivers [32-Bit Computer].

C:\Program Files\FlexiSIGN-PRO 8.1v1\OutputDrivers [64-Bit Computer].

3. Open the Flexi Sign software and open any sticker file or sample file.

4. Click the Cut/Plot option or Press Ctrl + L (shortcut key).

redsail cutting plotter software USB Driver

5. Select the production manager option (On This Computer) *if you want to install the current driver in computer*.

Redsail cutting plotter software USB Driver

6. In Add, Setup dialogue box appears. Select the Vinyl Cutter.

Redsail cutting plotter software USB Driver

7. Find the REDSAIL TECH in the manufactures section and select the model REDSAIL. Press the next button.

Redsail cutting plotter software USB Driver

8. Give the setup name (as you wish) or leave as it is.

Redsail cutting plotter software USB Driver

9. Choose the port for REDSAIL printer was connected to a particular computer and press the finish.

Redsail cutting plotter software USB Driver

Congrats your Successfully install a Red Sail printer driver in Flexi Sign software.

How to check the Red Sail printer works in Flexi Sign Software.

1. After completing Add Setup of the printer in Flexi Sign. Print the sample sticker through chosen Send option in Flexi Sign.

2. Automatically open Production Manager software and check the plotter placement in particular sticker with using show me button.

Redsail cutting plotter software USB Driver

3. Press the Send button. Now sticker will be cutting in Production Manager software.

4. Simple you can see the processing of Cutting Vinyl.

If you successfully working with the above tips.

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How To Use Windows 10 Virtual Desktop Enhancer

Virtual Desktop Windows 10

What is Windows 10 Virtual Desktop Enhancer?

Virtual Desktop Enhancer is nothing but multiple desktops is one of the best features in Windows 10 Operating System. It offers simple and easy tasking for your workspace.

You can simply drag and create your workspace using different desktop using virtual desktop enhancer.

How Are useful Windows 10 Virtual Desktop Enhancer for Windows User?

If you are doing some tasks like video editing, deals with different images and photoshop.

You can simply create some virtual workspace and divided into some desktops and move some stuff related image into one desktop and move your stuff related videos into one desktop.

It can simplify your work without confusion and clumsiness. Just simply dragging stuff with your fingertips.

So, creating tasks and deals with workspace is much confusion when you are in tight situations.

How helps Windows 10 Multiple Desktops for simplifying the tasks. Let’s take a look.

Create Shortcuts for Windows 10 Virtual Desktop Enhancer

Nowadays using PC for different work purposes. It involved several tasks if your a Student or professional it does not a matter for deals with tasks of a computer.

Windows 10 is the latest operating system from Microsoft Windows platform.

Microsoft Windows 10 have some bunch of interest features compared to the last generation of Windows operating system Platform.

Virtual desktop In Windows 10 is one the fine feature in Microsoft Windows 10 Operating system.

Basically many tasks are involved when we want to complete some portion of a task.

When you are using Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System or something last-generation operating system simply pressing Alt + Tab or Windows + Tab keys is useful to view the current tasking.

But Virtual desktop In Windows 10 is quite different compared to the last generation operating system.

It can create a new virtual desktop for individual workspace. Simply Drag and Drop.


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How To Switch Between Windows 10 Virtual Desktop Enhancer With Trackpad?

  • Click on the Task View Button. It located taskbar of the desktop.
windows 10 virtual desktop enhancer 1
Task View Button
  • Simple, You Can View all tasks currently running. (Windows Key + Tab)
windows 10 virtual desktop enhancer 3
View All Currently Running Tasks
  • Lets Click on the + New desktop option (Windows Key + Ctrl + D). It located top first of the task view.



windows 10 virtual desktop enhancer 7
Creating New Desktop + Button
  • You can two desktops names called desktop 1 and desktops.
  • All your currently running tasks are available in Desktop 1.
  • Simply drag which the tasks are different workspace into desktop 2 (if you are currently two different tasks then you can keep two different desktops).
  • Then check the desktop 1 and desktop 2 by clicking the desktop 1 and 2.
  • Amazing you can deal with two different desktops. So, now you can’t confuse the tasks in your workspace.
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Windows 10 virtual desktop shortcuts:

Here some of the main shortcuts keys to used for tasking in Virtual Desktop in Windows 10.

  • Alt + Tab: It is used for viewing current task items in the current working desktop.
  • Press the Windows Key + Tab: It is used for viewing task view items.
  • Just press Windows Key + Ctrl + D: It is used for creating a new virtual desktop in Windows 10.
  • Windows Key + Ctrl + F4: It is used for deleting virtual desktop in windows 10.

Check Out the Video for Virtual Desktop in Windows 10


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Free Windows 10 ISO Direct Download Officially 2019

Free Download Windows 10 ISO

Windows 10 ISO Download Features And Benefits:

Windows 10 ISO is a bunch of powerful features compared to the last generation Windows operating system version.

This time Microsoft took a little care about what loses the previous version of Windows 8 and 8.1.

Let’s check out top cool features of Windows 10 ISO operating system contains.

Topics Covering:

  • Some Interesting Features about Windows 10
  • Things about Windows 10 Versions
  • How to Download Windows 10 ISO Direct Download Officially

Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrade Features:

Start Menu:

According to the last version, Windows Operating System Called Windows 8 or 8.1 start menu looks like an app drawer.

Windows XP and Windows 7 Users are things somethings missed in the start menu.

Now in Windows 10 again Start Menu comes back as an original state with attractive looks.


Cortana is an own assistant of Microsoft, It is powerful voice assistant implement in Microsoft Windows 10 versions.

Simple to use and navigate the tasks.


It is a mode of PC to tablet. Simply switch and use both acts as Laptop and Table.

Whether you are using touchscreen laptops. Microsoft’s designs the next level of table-based Windows Operating System.

Easily you can switch folding your laptop screen like a tab and use.

Simplified Control Panel and Settings:

This time Windows 10 help simple settings like a phone in your hand.

You can easily configure the apps with your fingertips without confusion.

Simply looks icon system and controls in your PC or laptop.

Top Tricks:

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Microsoft Edge Browser:

This is the next generation browser for Internet Explorer because of speed with efficiency.

Who loves Internet Explorer in your system, they definitely use this Edge browser.

Powerful Multi-Tasking:

Now its trends of multiple apps tasking in devices. Windows 10 provides powerful multitasking features.

It helps to multiple open apps and Windows at a time and completed your tasks.

It looks like an Android Multi-Screen option and Apple’s Spaces features on OS X.

Xbox App:

You can play your favourite Xbox games on your PC with the help of graphics support DirectX 12.

The app will show previously played gaming history and also support the previous last 30 seconds of games.

Enjoy the challenges and share your victory with the use of Xbox App.

Windows 10 ISO Direct Download Versions:

At now Microsoft Windows available only two versions in the official download

Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro

Depends on your environment architecture respectively 32-bit or 64-bit like an X86 or x64.

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Windows 10 ISO Direct Download

Requirements: good internet connection with speed, desktop computer with chrome browser.

Just follow the simple steps to Windows 10 ISO Direct Download officially.

Step 1: Open the Chrome browser, go to address bar copy the given link below and press enter.



Click Here for Direct Page.

Step 2: right on the page and click the inspect button or Ctrl + Shift + I


Free Download Windows 10 ISO


Step 3: press the Toggle Device Toolbar or Ctrl + Shift + M


Windows 10 ISO download


Step 4: look the screen changed to mobile or tablet width and refresh the screen or press Ctrl + R


Windows 10 ISO


Step 5: We can see the download Windows 10 Disc Image or ISO File

Step 6: Select the Windows 10 ISo edition.


Windows 10 ISO ISO

Step 7: Choose the version update as your wish Windows 10 ISO October or April Versions


Download Windows 10 ISO


Step 8: Choose the product language as your wish, which language for preferable.


Download Windows 10 ISO

Step 9: choose language and confirm, wait a few seconds to download Windows 10 ISO file.

Download Windows 10 ISO


Congrats. Yours have successfully downloaded Windows 10 ISO.

After completing Download Windows 10 ISO. Install in your PC or Laptop.

Download Windows 10 DISC Image Instructions Video

How to install windows 10 into your PC or Laptop.

Just click the link and useful tips.

» How to Activate Windows 10 Free

» Create Windows 10 Bootable USB from ISO

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Facts About P2P in WebRTC | How WebRTC Works

how webrtc works

What is WebRTC?

WebRTC stands for Web Real-Time Communication. It basically the collection of API’s to allows direct connection between browsers.

So, its easily transfer any type of data from one browser to another directly.

In WebRTC clients directly communicate with each other completely and also communicate with the server.

Its a technic to directly connecting with clients like peer to peer sharing, browser data, IP address and more files can easily communicate and transfer one to another.

The difference between Web Sockets vs WebRTC

Regular Web Sockets Work
WebRTC Works

There is a lot of difference between regular Web sockets and WebRTC works.

The connection process of Web Sockets is server act as an admin. So, clients communicate only with servers through the data packets.

The connection process of WebRTC works directly to the client to the client.

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How do the clients know about each other in WebRTC?

In these protocol layer clients and server signalling each other to know.

Let’s Check the small information on Webrtc communication

The process of communication in the server and the clients in WebRTC protocol layer using resources of API, data and NAT (Network Address Translation)

Security: in this type of security is all data will be encrypted. Data will highly secure the only communicators will know about data.

Codec: it will compress the data and share.

WebRTC works via UDP. UDP stands for User Datagram Protocol

It is highly confidential data transfer protocol. This type of protocol used in video chats. If the file will lose some data all the file will be corrupted in this protocol.

There is no standard signalling protocol, all the different developer and companies implementing their different protocols.

Security: Encrypted is mandatory of all components WebRTC. No plugins will work in the data process. So no spyware or malware entered into your system.

Need to access microphone and webcam for the browser in the process of technology.

Compatible Browsers:

Not fully compatible with all browsers. Mostly works with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera browser. Simply use without any add-ons and plugins.

Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari require plugins for work.

Remaining Internet Explorer is sorry for using this technology.

Live streaming is possible to work in Web sockets, but very slow and laggy frame drops.

In streaming very quickly works with lag-free.

No need for extra apps for use streaming like Skype, Zoom or Went or any popular live video chats work directly with the web browser.

Facebook and Google already used this technology in their chat services.

WebRTC is embedded in web technologies. So the client directly connects with each other clients. So, Server no needs to work process with resources of incoming and outgoing data of clients.

100% Working Windows 7 Activator Daz Free Download


How loader works for install Windows 7 Activator Daz

Windows 7 Activator Daz works only in Windows 7 desktop operating system.

Windows 7 operating system is the most popular and famous operating system in the windows platform. Even now around 36% of the desktop users are using Windows 7 to their PC’s.

Actually, Windows 7 is the successor of Windows Vista. Windows 7 operating system was released in 2009.

The Windows 7 operating system is most of the desktop users are the loveable operating system because of the simple user interface and awesome graphic design.

Simple to use and because of user-friendly.

Important shortcuts Keys Of Computer A to Z List

Fix Slow Computer Running Tips


How To Get Window 7 Activator Free download:

Most of the cases, many users are not using or installing genuine Windows 7 operating systems. Then situation operating system needs to activate because of features are limited in the trail or inactivate versions.

If you are faced issued like given below image this copy of windows is not genuine.

Shows Windows 7 Activator Daz

Most of the times starting of the computer aks for activating Windows warning message appears.

In these cases need to purchase the key for Windows 7 and activate using that key.

Some circumstances many users are not using genuine because of the money or testing purposes.

So, that situation needs to install windows 7 activator daz for tasting the loveable Windows 7 operating system.

Various activators are available on the web, one of the best activator ‘Daz’ is the most famous and 100% working activator.

Crazy Trick: How to Get Free Wi-Fi

Windows 10 Activation Key Free Download

windows 7 activator daz Free Download For All Version For PC

Just follow the steps to activate windows 7 for free

Step 1: First, download the windows 7 activator daz to the given link. HERE Download

Step 2: Extract the zip file that contains windows 7 activator daz.

Step 3: Find windows loader application and right click on it, press the Run as administrator.

Windows 7 Activator Daz run as administrator

Step 4: Check your Windows version and press the install button.

Windows 7 Activator Daz button push to install

Step 5: Wait a few minutes for completing the task.

Windows 7 Activator Daz loading

Step 6: If the message appears like given below, you successfully activate in your windows.

Windows 7 Activator Daz show successfully

Step 7: Restart your PC.

If you are not done successfully then again do the above instructions carefully one by one.


Easy Things is not encouraged using the pirated software and operating system.

Those things are used only who are using and testing for educational purpose.

Easy Things not responsible for dead computer components, bricked devices, dead SD cards, please do some research if you have any concerns about features.

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How Do You Fix A Laptop That Won’t Turn On

laptop wont turn on

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Laptop Won’t Turn On

laptop won't turn on
image source

When you are hurry work but if the laptop won’t turn on, faces many issues lets check the solution to fix it.

In this digital generation using carry gadgets are more convenient than the regular desktop computer and also simple to carry anywhere to complete the work.

Laptop or notebook computers are smaller so, every component of the laptops are tiny and sensitive.

It can perform all tasks like regular desktop works but need to use carefully, every component of the laptop or notebooks are costly than the regular desktop, even though cable and chargers also.

Let’s check the situations causes the issues of your favourite notebook won’t turning on.

Sometimes the laptop is not working properly after updating the software or hardware components like installing new RAM sticks or hard drive, it causes no display or not turning on.

This case needs to check whether it is a supported component or not.

Another situation a fine day morning need to work but not turning on.

In this situation just check the battery, remove the battery and re-install battery, charge it.

Wow, it’s a simple trick to major handy notebook computers.

Check out some major tips to fix a notebook computer won’t turn on or no display issues.

Fix Computer turns on but no display

Laptop or computer issues depend upon the hardware components and software, take any decision to upgrade or downgrade of the system.

Before just check the user manual and specifications supported than a particular model or version of the laptop.

Even the official manufacturer’s website they provide the tech support, toll-free numbers and email address.

Then just ask whether it is supported software and hardware components of the particular model and do upgrade as your needs.

Let’s check some tips to fix, major laptops and notebooks are successfully fix with these tips.

laptop won't turn on

image source

Press and Hold Power Button

When the laptop is working fine at last night and now not turning on or no display, major situations of the laptop or notebook computers are fixed with this tip.

  1. Just remove all the cable of the laptop including the charger and also remove the battery (whether it is removable battery).
  2. Leave 5 minutes without touching anything of the laptop
  3. After 5 minutes took the laptop and press and hold the power button at least 10 seconds and release.
  4. Now, reinstall the battery and connect the charger
  5. Press the power button. its working gives me thumbs up or not, then follow other tips.

Check Charger and Battery

The using charger and battery of the laptop or notebook are based the power output.

Generally, it is 19V or 20V of output provide chargers to the laptops and notebooks.

Some notebooks are quite different like new generation turbo power charging supported.

Manufacturers, develop fast charging technology with power efficiency.

Anyway lately needs to a proper charge to the system and give standby.

If the charger of laptop or notebook does not give proper out then it causes bad conduction of the motherboard.

In this case, needs to replace the charger otherwise it damages the power IC of the motherboard.

The solution is first to check the laptop charger is simple but required a multimeter and battery also same.

Before check just revise the user manual of the device and also a laptop for how much capacity to give output.

If you don’t have the manual just check the official website with using the particular model and version of the laptop.

Whether the charger does not give proper output, check with another same charger with the laptop and turn on it.

Check the youtube: How to check laptop charger output with a multimeter

If the charger gives proper output, then check the battery of the laptop or notebook.

If battery not provides proper standby or not charging, then need to replace with an original or compatible charger.

Check the youtube: How to check the laptop battery is working with a multimeter


laptop won't turn on
image source

Remove RAM and Switch

Although fixing no display issue in a laptop is involves sometimes RAM, because of bad communication between RAM and the RAM slot.

In this situation, needed to open the back case of the laptop or notebook, majorly RAM’s are located backside of the laptops and notebooks.

Some laptop RAM’s are located under the keyboard, then need to open the keyboard and then needs to remove RAM and clean the slot, replace the same position as it is in the past.

Because if you inserting RAM wrong positioning, it causes broke the RAM sitting slot, majorly slots are made up of plastic or fibre, then check before the RAM inserting is better.

After completed the RAM  positioning, detached the all cables to the laptop like LAN, USB, power cord cable, etc.

Wait 10 minutes and after the press and hold the power button at least 10 seconds, now connected the power cord or power cable and turn on it.

laptop won't turn on

image source

Remove CMOS Battery

Not working above tips then follow this.

Replacing CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) is used for stored date and time of BIOS (Basic Input Output System).

If you remove the CMOS battery BIOS will be reset, then it’s loading fresh BIOS.

But it’s complicated because of a need to open the case of the laptop or notebook.

Removing the laptop case or laptop is needed for some technical skill because every component of the system is very sensitive and tiny.

  1. First of all, try to remove the battery (whether if removable battery) and after removing the back case of the system.
  2. Major laptops CMOS batteries are located on the backside of the motherboard, some are front.
  3. Just check before to do this step on the Youtube with your model number of the laptop or notebook to disassembly.
  4. Finally, identify the CMOS battery and carefully remove reinstall the same place otherwise it is broke, because of the CMOS battery placement is made up plastic.
  5. After this CMOS battery placing, re-install every component of the laptop.
  6. Press the power button, may it works.

Bootloop Fix:

The word boot loop is a quite new thing to listen, but it majorly occurs the issues of laptop and notebooks.

If you are trying to installing the new operating system or software, updating BIOS, or any changes of software, may if it is failed or not supported it causes the boot loop.

laptop won't turn on

Example: simple if you try to turn on a laptop or notebook, it stuck at the logo of the brand and stop to load, some laptop black appears and no logo.

  • Sometimes easily fix boot loops like installing a new operating system to the laptop or notebook.
  • Before trying to install an operating system check the support version of the laptop model and notebook, because the processor of the laptop is different like 32-bit and 64-bit architectures, it means supports x86 and x64 versions.
  • Check the official site with a model number of the laptop for the supported version of the operating system and download it, install safely with following instructions.
  • To fix the boot loop of the notebooks, trying to flash the original firm of the BIOS, its available of the particular vendor or manufactures official website.
  • Download the BIOS and install the given instruction of the website and follow, all types of flashing BIOS are not same, different manufacturers are using different BIOS vendor methods.


Using the above tips not work out, then check processor, GPU and IC’s of the motherboard and replace, but it needs professional technics and depends upon the technical knowledge.

So, better to go to the services centre of particular manufacturers. Because it’s highly sensitive to handling the things of capacitors.

All the best, keep visiting Easy Things


4 Tips To Fix Your Slow Computer Like Horse


Why is my computer so slow

Things behind the computer loading slow windows, the new computer works very fast at the time.

After some days using slow loading, getting irritated and suddenly it freezes.

This situation does not only faces me and you, many people, particularly who uses a computer in the Microsoft Windows platform.

Then after many people think to format or reinstall the operating system.

But before goes to install new operating system need to backup your needed files, it takes much time.

How To Fix A Slow Computer

Just keep in your mind, reinstalling operating system it takes much time.

After installation completed is not solving your issue.

Needs to install all drivers and software what you’re needed to work daily on your computer.

Then there is a way to fix it, just follow the below steps what you choose.

  • Uninstalling unnecessary or rarely used software.
  • Deleting unwanted data in your ‘C’ drive and desktop.
  • Stop the automatic update of unwanted applications.
  • Try alternative software for heavy RAM consumption software.
  • Clearing history and services stop.

Let check out the what is needed to you for fixing ‘computer so slow‘ of your operating system.

Uninstalling unnecessary software:

we are installing many programs on our computer for different purposes.

But after completing the task we didn’t use that particular software again.

But it’s running in the background of our operating system, later its burden the RAM memory lastly it getting slow to the loading services of the operating system.

So, check your system what you are not using or rarely using programs.

Just uninstall it for better performance of the Windows operating system.

How to uninstall unnecessary programs on your computer

Windows XP or Vista or Windows 7 platforms:

  • Go to Start Menu → Control Panel → Programs → Uninstall Programs → Check What you want to uninstall.

Windows 8 or 8.1 platforms:

  • Move the cursor to the right side corner → Appears a menu → Settings → Control Panel → Programs → Uninstall Programs → Check What you want to uninstall.

Windows 10 platform:

  • Go to Start Menu → Click on Settings Icon → Apps → Check What you want to uninstall.

Deleting unwanted data in ‘C’ drive:

We know to store data on our drive in our computer, but how much safe it is.

Yes, saving data to drive our computer much need to know, which drive is safe.

When if the operating system is corrupted or crash is effected to ‘C’ drive in our computer.

Because all the contains of the operating system and programs related file is stored automatically in the ‘C’ drive only.

If you install any program on your computer, that programs install in your ‘C’ drive location.

Many users are saving the personal file into ‘C’ drive, but it’s not safe and not good to the computer.

Whether if over the space of ‘C’ drive affected the performance of the operating system and programs.

On that time move your needed file to other label drives like D, E, For any other drive located in your computer.

But didn’t stored to ‘C’ drive of your computer.

Sometimes programs create cache file and unwanted temp files, it causes over the space of ‘C’ drives then it’s getting slow loading and performs of the computer.

Preventing these situations just follow the simple tricks like clearing temp file, prefetch files, recent file history in your computer.

How to clearing temp files, prefetch files, recent file history in your computer?

Clearing temp file:

  • Go to start menu, search for the Run application or pressing the combination keys of Win + R → In the Run box Type temp and press Enter → Delete all the temp data.

Clearing recent files history:

  • Go to start menu, search for the Run application or pressing the combination keys of Win + R → In the Run box Type recent and press Enter → Delete all the temp data.

Clearing prefetch files:

  • Go to start menu, search for the Run application or pressing the combination keys of Win + R → In the Run box Type temp and press Enter → Delete all the temp data.
  • Check the recycle bin and delete the data.


Before clearing temp, recent files history or prefetch files.
Save the data of your needed application files and close the running applications.
Check it once of your data saving in your choosing location or not.
Easy things not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards.
Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in the produces you find here before flashing it.
Your warranty will be void if you tamper with any part of your device/software.

Stop the automatic update of unwanted applications:

When the install some application on our computers, its asking permission to automatic updates.

When if connecting the internet, its causes automatically update without intimate to us.

Finally, it’s getting slow and not responding, because of updating in the process need RAM memory to use internet act as like background task.

Check once to which application will automatically update.

The alternative software for heavy RAM consumption software:

Working on Windows platform loading software and performance is majorly depends upon the processor and RAM memory of the particular computer.

If you are running software on your computer, opening and closing of software are depends on the RAM space and processor speed.

Some of the software’s are utilized huge amount of RAM on your computer, because of need graphic acceleration and background tasks.

Majorly graphics-based software like video editing, photo editing, high-end graphics games and etc.

But, we have remembered the software which gives user interface and output of the result.

In the web many software are available for alternatives then why not you use alternative software for releasing some space of your RAM consumption.

Clearing history and registry services stop:

Getting Windows slow loading day by day, it means some history and cache is utilizing memory in your computer.

So, need to clearing history and cache memory of unwanted files.

When the opening Windows operating system involves many programs running background.

Those programs are ready to use when the opening of the computer screen, that why those programs are loading what programs are installed in your computer.

Especially programs place icons of the desktop.

But all programs are not needed to used when the opening of the computer.

So, stop the programs loaded the startup up of the computer it gives better performance and faster-opening windows loading.

How to stop startup programs to fix Windows slow loading?

why is my computer so slow


why is my computer so slow


why is my computer so slow

Windows 10 platform:

  • Go to start menu, search for the Run application or pressing the combination keys of Win + R → In the Run box Type command msconfig and press Enter → Startup → Open Task Manager  → Right Click the unwanted startup programs → Disable it.

Windows XP or Vista or Windows 7 platforms:

  • Go to start menu, search for the Run application or pressing the combination keys of Win + R → In the Run box Type command msconfig and press Enter → Startup → Choose what programs running → Unmark it → Applies → Restart

How to stop unwanted program services in Windows Loading?

Windows 10 platform:

  • Go to start menu, search for the Run application or pressing the combination keys of Win + R → In the Run box Type command msconfig and press Enter → Services tab →  tap to Hide all Microsoft Services  → Unmark the unwanted program services → Apply → Restart.

Windows XP  or Vista or 7 or 8 or 8.1 platform:

  • Go to start menu, search for the Run application or pressing the combination keys of Win + R → In the Run box Type command msconfig and press Enter → Services tab →  tap to Hide all Microsoft Services  → Unmark the unwanted program services → Apply → Restart.

Note: If you forgot to tap hide Microsoft services option, may be affected the Microsoft related programs working.

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You Should Know About Internet of Things Examples

internet of things technology innovation

What is Internet of Things?

Internet of Things, Now its time to technology trend, developers are introducing new innovation of technology things for hope to future technology for a better life.

Dealing with technology with the help of the internet and sensor in the way of developing decades.

The way of developing technologies turned into AI with improved Machine Learning awe things.

Creating edge of technology immense results that is an Internet of Things (IoT Technology) is a connected network with daily use gadgets or things for simplified to our daily life.

The way of using things for getting better results in time.

How Does The Internet of Things Works?

For example, turning on-off your coffee maker using the internet through mobile anywhere in the world or turning off or on food bucket cap for feeding pets.

Turning off the air conditioners if forget to turn off at the home, simply can turn off through mobile from anywhere in the world just need internet connectivity of both things.

Using the sensor will increasing day-by-day coming decade every gadget.

Things will be connected with a sensor and cloud for a better pulse.

It will work with internet protocols.

how iot works
Image source from

Signs you should invest in IoT technology

From the world of 2020 technology turned into new innovations trend ‘IoT.

The way of the internet is used for sending things to move on forward.

Nothing but the new way of using but its future innovation just using things is surrounding electrical appliances or gadgets.

The gadgets are daily use things which are in the part of electronic gadgets connected to the internet is called the Internet of things.

Simply in words controlling things using the internet.

For example fans, lights, doors, alarms and more appliances which are we can see and used in daily life.

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How To Solve The Biggest Problems With IoT Solutions?

The technology ravenous next turn is IoT technology.

Because everything is used for the conservative purpose in the way of involved AI (Artificial Intelligence) with ML (Machine Learning) result is immense.

Which means sensors with software creating awe trends of technology.

No answer for silent results of future IoT technology can turn to daily drive and significant purpose.

The IoT typically used sensors for monitoring environmental changes for before moving results of water, air, atmosphere conditions and soil.

IoT not only monitoring conditions of atmosphere and also warnings about earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and any circumstances.

Technology in the view of tiny things for users to a human for simplified of life.

how iot works
Image source from

Future Of IoT:

Coming from next 3 to 5 years huge specifically changes in the world with IoT devices technology

It provides customized things to our life “What You Want and What Do It”, everything is interlinked through operated with cloud-based automation, using sensors in our daily drive.

For example open door alerts, the refrigerator is automatically sent a notification to mobiles like the stock of food items, water quantity and present temperature in the fridge and if the door is opened.

Notified through mobile for vehicles diagnostics like how much oil or gas fuel contains in a tank of vehicle, tires and fluids etc.

Using QC codes for operating things which sensors on cloud automation.

Machine Learning | Mystery Behind to Develop Sounds Using


What is Machine Learning Language?

Some of the things about machine learning algorithms, simply in words machine language is an own language of the machine.

It means every machine having a processor which is communicating some language that language is called machine language.

Now a little bit of confusion who are beginner including me which language to learn machine language.

No problem we can learn anyway to understand the machine language but which depends upon the branches of the language set.

If you wanna learn machine language for developing something first you have to the idea about what you to do.

Machine language is the learning of data sets and the processing of data flow.

How many collections of data and how much to complies data is the basis of machine learns for example Camera with AI.

It works simply to identify things when capturing pictures.

How it works like when the developing application developers are collecting much data of things, then following compiling data finally the result is a wonder.

In my view, machine language is much involved with Artificial intelligence and data.

Because even if you develop any program which depends on how much data will speed of compiling and data collection.

But AI and machine language are not the same but much closer to things.

Many examples to understand the machine language with AI comes innovations of the decade.

A most famous example is Facebook apps like one of the famous application using Facebook users with facial picture decodes and shows how you are in the ’60s, 70’s and 90’s.

machine learning algorithms
image source

What programming language is best to learn for Machine Learning?

Mainly need to learn the basics of programming and Python Program language.

Python is the big world of machine language support and easily understand beginners and supports many communities in the web world.

The language is popular because it easily fixes errors with his community supports through many online communities and courses offers for beginners, not only online and also available in books.

What are the requirements for learning Python for machine language?

Basically learning machine language need some knowledge about programs like C, C++ and basic Java Scripts.

In the process of learning Python, you can learn many things if you don’t know the basic of codes and compiling.

It is not a problem you learn here because of practices give more perfection and accuracy.

But you have some math ability and common sense is much need for any development.

machine learning algorithms
image source

So if the music is a language without set meaning, what does that tell us about the nature of music?

If you wanna compose or develop some sounds are music.

You don’t need any knowledge of music but you have some ability to make some much, sounds good basically nobody is a master from the beginning so need to worry about things of music.

You have to passionate about music otherwise you cannot give a better output.

The nature of music is some inner feeling comes out through our vocal or some instrumentation sounds.

In the music world, many types of music traditions are there, they can follow any pattern to fulfil targets.

Machine language to develop sounds using Python?

Yes, Python is machine language on the basis of AI and sets of algorithms.

Then we can develop many things not only music and also videos, animations and different things through Python.

Machine Learning Algorithms: TensorFlow

TensorFlow is the most popular program for using sets of algorithms to generate music.

It is the basis of the basic syntax and data manning.

Many developers are using TensorFlow development to generate programs, its very rich, and basis on the platform of data sciences.

In the process developing of TensorFlow using some Java scripts is more use full, supports rich frameworks fast and lightweight.

It is easy to compile syntax with minimum knowledge of coding and easy to understand.

TensorFlow is having a big community and available many tutorials for free on YouTube and by following the python communities.

First, learn requirements like minimal of C, C++ and Java Scripts Compiling and then go for Python beginner and then become python developer.