Keyboard Shortcuts Keys Help Full To Every Computer User

These keyboard shortcuts keys are useful for workspace in the daily drive of PC user. The keyboard shortcuts keys are mixing with some Alt Codes, Keyboard Shortcut Keys, Windows Shortcuts. Just need to know the difference with the mouse or without the mouse handling in your workspace.

A to Z list of Keyboard Shortcuts Keys

Ctrl + A: Select All The Content or Data.

Ctrl + B: Bold Text In The Document Editor.

Ctrl + C: Used for Copies The Item or Text.

Ctrl + D: To Displays The Font Dialogue Box.

Ctrl + E: Used to Centralized The Paragraph Text In Document Writing. (Go to Address Bar in Chrome Browser).

Ctrl + F: Used To Find To Search The Current Document or Some Program.

Ctrl + G: Used for Go To Search For A Specific Location In The Current Document or Program.

Ctrl + H: Displays The Replace Dialogue Box. (Go to History in Chrome Browser).

Ctrl + I: To Used fo Italicize Text Document Editor.

Ctrl + J: Used to Justified The Paragraph Text In Document Writing. (Go to Downloads in Chrome Browser).

Ctrl + K: Create A Hyperlink. It is also used for (Go to Address Bar in Chrome Browser).

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Ctrl + L: Used to Left Alignment The Paragraph Text In Document Writing.

Ctrl + M: Indent A Paragraph From The Left.

Ctrl + N: Create a new document or new tab in the program

Ctrl + O: Open a file in the current program

Ctrl + P: Used to print the document.

Ctrl + Q: Used for Remove Paragraph Formatting in Microsoft Word Program.

Ctrl + R: Used to Right Alignment The Paragraph Text In Document Writing.

Ctrl + S: It Is Used To Saves The Document or Program.

Ctrl + T: Open New Tab in Google Chrome Browser (Quick Access)

Ctrl + U: It is Used to Underlines Text In Document Editor.

Ctrl + V: It is Used to Pastes The Copied Item Or Text.

Ctrl + W: Close the Current Tab in Google Chrome Browser (Quick Access)

Ctrl + X: It is used to Cuts The Selected Item Or Text.

Ctrl + Y: Used for Redo The Last Action.

Ctrl + Z: Used for Undo The Last Action.

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Alt + Tab: Used for Switching the Current Working Programs in Computer.

Ctrl + Tab: Used for Switching the Tabs in Google Chrome Browser. (Quick Access).

Win Button + D: Used for Minimized All Current Working Programs in Computer.

Alt + Space Bar + N: Used to Minimize the Current Program in Computer.

Alt + Space Bar + X: Used to Close the Current Program in Computer.

Alt + Space Bar + R: Used to Restore the Past Position in Google Chrome Browser.

Alt + Space Bar + E: Used for Reopen Closed Tab in Google Chrome Browser. (Quick Access).

F1: Get help in any current open program.

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Shortcut Keys For Shutdown:

Sometimes we worried to shut down the computer, because it’s not responding or not working mouse properly on that time used shortcut keys for shutdown computer.

Alt + F4: Used for closing the current working program and also useful to shutdown option when you’re in the desktop.

Keyboard Shortcut To Change Font Type

Ctrl + B: Bold

Ctrl + I: Italic

Ctrl + U: Underline

Ctrl + .: Superscript

Ctrl + ,: Subscript

Ctrl + Alt + C: Copy formatting

Ctrl + Alt + V: Paste formatting

Ctrl + \: Clear formatting

Ctrl + Alt + 0: Normal paragraph style

Ctrl + Alt + 1 to six : Header style 1 to 6

Ctrl + Shift + L: Left alignment

Ctrl + Shift + E: Center alignment

Ctrl + Shift + R: Right alignment

Ctrl + Shift + J: Full justify

Ctrl + Shift + 7: Numbered list

Ctrl + Shift + 8: Bulleted list

Shortcut Keys To Select Paragraph And Sentence

Ctrl + X: Cut

Ctrl + C: Copy

Ctrl + V: Paste

Ctrl + Z: Undo

Ctrl + Y: Redo

Tab key: paragraph indentation Increasing

Shift + Tab key: paragraph indentation Decreasing

Ctrl + K: Insert link

Ctrl + Shift + Y: Get definitions

Ctrl + Alt + F: Insert footnote

Ctrl + F: Find

Ctrl + Shift + C: Word count

Special Windows Key Functions Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows Key + D: Bring desktop to the highest of other windows

Windows Key + M: Minimize all windows

Windows Key + R: Open the run window

Windows Key + Break/Pause: For properties of Windows system

Windows Key + SHIFT + M: back to minimize undo function done by Windows Key + M and Windows Key + D

Windows Key + E: Open Microsoft Explorer

Windows Key + Tab: Cycle through open programs on the taskbar

Windows Key + F: Windows Find/Search features displayed

Windows Key + CTRL + F: Display the look for computers window

Windows Key + F1: It shows the Windows help

Windows Key + U: Open utility manager

Windows Key + L: Locking the account of current working PC (Platform of XP and later operating systems)

These above keyboard shortcuts keys are used for better task performing.