What you need to know to request the Government tablet

The National Communications Entity (ENACOM) expanded the scope of the National Program for Access to Information and Communication Technologies for older adults and women belonging to the most vulnerable sectors, including Anses beneficiaries such as Universal Child Allowance (AUH), retirees who receive the minimum salary. You can find in this article about laptops from the government.

Who can get a free tablet

Its scope is for those who perceive:

  • Universal Child Allowance (AUH) and Pregnancy
  • Non-contributory pensions with gross monthly income not exceeding twice the minimum vital and mobile salary
  • Retirees, pensioners and workers in a dependency relationship with a gross remuneration less than or equal to two minimum vital and mobile wages
  • Resident whose annual monthly income does not exceed twice the minimum vital and mobile salary
  • Unemployed; electro dependent; older adults and women who reside in rural and suburban areas of their municipality.

How to get a free computer or laptop

If you are wondering how you will get the free PC or laptop, you need not worry about that. With the laptop, you can do any job you want online, apply for jobs, apply to any online school, and do any freelance work. If you use it correctly, it can be a game-changer for you.

Getting a free laptop is easy, but finding the place where you can get it is hard. You must have the right information in order to do this. It is also very important that you meet the eligibility criteria and within a few days, you will be able to get your PC.

With almost no effort, you can be able to get a free laptop and even free Internet access. Within Some days, you will be able to get a free laptop or PC.

1. The OnIt Foundation

The On It Foundation (short for Opportunities Needed to Increase Technology) is an organization that offers free laptops. To qualify, you must have a child in grade K-12.

You must also have a low enough income that your child qualifies for free or reduced school lunch at the public school they attend. Yes, your child must attend a public school to qualify.

In the US, only children who qualify can participate; the program is currently only available there.  Instructions for Online Applications are listed on the Official website.

2. Computers 4 R Kids

Computers 4 R Kids is a nonprofit organization that provides free laptops to children in Southern California. The computers they use are donated by companies or individuals, refurbished and given to underprivileged children.

The organization also provides low-cost computers to schools and other nonprofit organizations. To ease research and education for children, we aim to help them build computer labs.

3. With causes

Similar name to Computer with Causes, but this is a different company. With Causes is a non-profit charity (part of the Giving Center) that helps people in need.

Basically, they donate computers, laptops, tablets, phones and other occasions which they then give away to families in need.

  • Where to apply:  https://www.withcauses.org/askforhelp.htm

4. Computers with causes

Computers With Causes collects donated computers to give to children and others. According to their websites, they give out computers to underprivileged children, returning military, and households in need.

They also deliver computers to foster homes and educational programs. To get a free laptop, you must fill out an application and explain your need.

The organization’s goal is to ensure that those most in need get computers first. Therefore, be prepared to answer questions about your application.

5. The National Cristina Foundation

This is an incredible foundation that “works to promote the reuse of technology by educating businesses and the public that technology resources that leave their first place of use can have a productive second life to develop human potential.” “.

Basically, companies donate their old and used tech gadgets to the foundation and the foundation gives them away to people in need.

  • Where to apply:  https://www.cristina.org/

6. World Computer Exchange

The World Computer Exchange aims to provide computers to those living in developing countries.

If you live in a developing country, you may be able to get a free or low-cost laptop. This organization is designed for youth groups, rather than individuals, under the age of 24. Learn more by visiting the website.

  • Where to apply:  https://worldcomputerexchange.org/apply-computers/

How to sign up for the program that delivers free tablets

The Government advances in the delivery of the devices. Who are the beneficiaries and what are the time limits to access

“The Connecting with You Program promotes access to equipment that contributes to insertion, integration and social development through the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs)”.This is how the official regulations define the Government program that provides free tables.

Who can access? Only the Beneficiaries of the International or state Child Allowance and the Pregnant Allowance for women, their children’s son or Daughters and those who are under their custody and are between 16 and 18 years old, and members of their family group; beneficiaries of Non-Contributory Pensions (with gross monthly income not exceeding 2 Minimum Vital and Mobile Salaries and their family); registered in the Social regime; retirees and pensioners; dependent workers and who receive a gross remuneration less than or equal to 2 Minimum Vital and Mobile Wages, users of unemployment insurance and their families, registered in the Special Social Security Regime for Employees of Private Houses, users of the program and unemployed people who work in the informal economy, among others.

Implementation. According to the official website Argentina.gob.ar, the Connecting with You Program devices will be delivered through agreements with the National Ministry of Education, provincial and municipal jurisdictions, civil associations, community networks and other intermediate entities with a territorial presence in neighbourhoods. popular to strengthen the results of the Program. Education will implement the program for the beneficiaries of Connect Equality. Enacom will allocate 140,000 devices, which can be increased by up to 35% depending on the development of the program.

Do you have to register? No. The communications entity coordinates the delivery with municipal and provincial governments.

Access and allocation of devices. Provincial and municipal jurisdictions, civil associations, community networks and other intermediate entities with a territorial presence in popular neighbourhoods must register with Enacom and request the number of devices they need to deliver. Depending on the availability of equipment, Enacom will evaluate the order and assign the tablets. Each beneficiary will receive a tablet.

What is the purpose of this Program

Program Purposes

  1. Promote the participation and social integration of social sectors in a situation of greater social and economic vulnerability.
  2.  Expand and strengthen the field of practice of the recipients.
  3. The target population should have better access to digital technologies.
  4. Democratize access to information and communication technologies.
  5. Reduce the Digital Divide to promote equal opportunities for the potential beneficiaries of Decree No. 311/20, which establishes the users who may not be suspended or cut electricity, gas, telephone, internet and cable TV services. even when there is a delay in payment or an unpaid bill.
  6. Guarantee the target population access to Information and Communication Technologies in the framework of the health emergency due to the covid 19 pandemic.

How to order the free tablet that Anses gives today

The National Communications Entity ( ENACOM ) has made the decision to expand the scope of the National Program for Access to Information and Communication Technologies ( free tablets ) aimed at older adults and women living in rural areas, as well as for beneficiaries of the Universal Child Allowance, and holders of social.

How to get the free tablet for retirees?

To access a  tablet. You must be retired or an ANSES pensioner, be over 60 years of age, collect the minimum retirement amount and receive the assets in one of the locations where the program applies.

How to get the government tablet?

The  National Government expects that around 100,000 tablets will be delivered for this second edition, a similar number to the first edition of the program, which had a huge demand. To access the tablets for free, you must access the website https://getgovtgrants.com/free-laptops-low-income-families
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