Shortcut Virus Remove Tool for Pendrive and SD Card


How to Remove Shortcut Virus In Pendrive

A computer virus is a type of malicious software program when we execute in our computer with this software it can replace our file into various unsupported files or programs in our computer. Here you can find the solutions for remove shortcut virus in Pendrive, PC, laptop and hard drives.

Programs work to sending information in our computer to another computer who is creating the virus directly or indirectly.

Some viruses create a system to sending our information what was there in our computer (like passwords, security systems, privacy settings or our important secure file) sending to other computers (hackers) through internet connectivity.

When we used the internet after effecting these type of virus in our computer Technology Tricks,  some types of virus functioning as malware substance hide the original file inside shortcut.

The way it hides file remains unknown though the effect is quite visible.

Original files are there in the drive itself, but in such position that can’t recognize it nor take it out.

When we insert removable drive or USB (pen drives) is effected and after effecting computer files are hidden or shows .exe format and not working in the manner system will be slow working and not responding at that time overlook and underestimate it.

After few days starts passing after shortcut virus initially enters in, start finding almost all of the files, folders and finally drive turning into a shortcut, which shows that shortcut virus is spreading furthermore.

Further, the data will be lost and hacked computer this state is the crucial maintenance of the computer.

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Go For Remove Shortcut Virus In Pendrive

Today easy things bring to information about these virus fix or remedy.

Shortcut virus remover for the computer to recreate our effected files into a normal state, one of the popular and free tools for use is ‘USBFix’.

The tools are created with the partner of famous antivirus software named Bit defender with associated.

The software is fixing not only shortcut virus and also has many features like USB scanning and finding threads.

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Remove Shortcut Virus From Pendrive In Your Computer With Simple Steps

Requirement: internet connectivity and working browser.

Step 1: Open the browser and click here.


Step 2: when the installation time skips this update.

Step 3: Accept the terms and conditions of software.

Step 4: After installation clicks the clean option.

remove-shortcut-virus- usb

Step 5: Check analysis process.


Step 6: See the message of analyzing virus.

Step 7:  Enjoy the virus-free system to use Easy things tricks.

Note: These trick will work in windows platform and if you need further information just click here

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