Tips to Improve PTE Writing Skills

Pearson Test of English (PTE) has been one of the favoured English language proficiency tests for transnational scholars in Australia. Just like any other English language proficiency test, PTE too gauges the candidates on four different aspects of the language, i.e., reading, writing, speaking and listening. PTE is a completely computer-based test with near-to-no human intervention in the test results. You can here clearly find the information about PTE Writing Skills.

As there are different modules in PTE to appear, there are different approaches to work them. We always suggest our PTE students keep an open mind when approaching different modules. All their senses need to be working at the top of their performance when appearing for PTE.

Most of the PTE tutorial classes and PTE coaching institutes provide various tips & tricks to the students in order to help them clear different modules with ease.

Hereby, today, we discuss some tried and tested tips to improve PTE scores in the Writing module. All these tips prove to be helpful in writing essays and summarizing written texts in the exam.

Pearson Test of English (PTE)

Improve Typing Speed

As PTE is a completely computer-based test, the candidate is expected to be well versed with the computer keyboard. Therefore, we always reemphasize the importance of good typing speed to all our students. The better the typing speed, the easier it is to glide through the writing module of PTE.

A typing speed of up to 40 words per minute should be enough to get things done in good time; however, accuracy is also a major concern. Make sure you type quickly, but correctly. Try to minimize the use of the ‘Backspace’ key and focus more on typing correctly.

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Learn Synonyms to Different Words

Had synonyms not existed, it would have been much more difficult to explain different words. Synonyms are the way to score higher in the PTE writing module, as they help you write more expressively and elaborately. You can easily develop PTE Writing Skills.

The right approach is to choose 5-10 words daily learn their synonyms and start using them in day-to-day life. Once you reach a certain level, you will see how easy it becomes to explain and elaborate sentences.

Enrich Your Vocabulary

A good vocabulary can take you places, and can certainly help you score higher in the PTE exam’s writing module. Build a good set of vocabulary and use the best of it when required.

Usage of different words provides diversity and grip to the write-up, which keeps the reader engrossed.

Again, the best approach is to add up to 5-10 words to your vocabulary every day and use them in everyday scenarios wherever possible.

Try and Be More Creative

The above two points will help you to be more creative in your write-ups in the writing module of PTE. It will help a lot for PTE Writing Skills.

A right mix of vocabulary combined with your skills to elaborate and express different situations can do wonders.

Learn the tips & tricks to be more creative, learn to start and end sentences, learn to use pauses, punctuations, etc. – all this will help you write a compelling essay.

Do Not Complicate

The ultimate mantra is to keep things simple. Never reiterate or reinforce the same information in different parts of the write-up. It is good to try hard, but there is a very fine line between trying hard and failing to do so.

Make sure that everything you write is understood in the right manner. Do not overcomplicate things. Keep it simple and understandable, yet rich and powerful.

Just stick to the aforementioned tips and you should be on your way to scoring well in the writing module of your PTE exam. In case you are looking for tips on cracking the other modules of PTE, please feel free to get in touch with us.