IOS 16 Features

No matter how long you wait, the features are here to stay

Customized lock screen in iOS 16

Customized lock screen in iOS 16

You can customize the color and font styles of the clock and also change the image position.

iOS 16 

New features in  iOS 16 Messages

Messages also see some big improvements. Mostly users can love the feature like they can  edit and cancel your messages. You may also find threads unreadable if you want to retrieve them later.

Focus API Filter Feature Update in iOS 16

Preventing unwanted distractions can help you focus on the work you are doing at work or in the game. And in iOS 16, it's even better.

More Secure Wallet in iOS 16

Apple's brings new feature where Apple's Pay Works. Apple's Pay Later Feature. In this feature, you can split purchases into four equal payments without any interest and no fees within six weeks term period.

More Flexible Naviation App in iOS 16 Maps

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